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O2 Breathe has a bold and innovative vision for the future.  The organization is planning additional projects like Airway that create awareness and will educate the public and healthcare professionals. One of the issues we discovered in producing Airway is that there are patients who cannot afford the life changing procedures like jaw surgery and the many expenses beyond the actual cost of the procedures.


O2 Breathe intends to create an endowment to provide financial assistance for some of those in need. O2 Breath will also positively impact the Airway/ Sleep world by supporting professional educational initiatives.

The O2 Breathe vision seeks to:

  • develop an endowment to help financially constrained persons with the cost of airway corrective procedures such as orthodontics, MMA surgery, ENT procedures, etc.;

  • support and advance educational projects concerning sleep disorders;

  • collaborate with universities, professional organizations, and post doctoral education centers to create more well trained, collaborative minded doctors in the airway/sleep discipline.

This vision will position O2 Breathe to change the world one breath at a time.

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