William M Hang, DDS MSD


"Dentistry is finally beginning to understand that we as dentists are at the center of health care. What we do or don’t do can positively or negatively affect overall facial balance and consequently the size of the airway. Without a good airway nothing else matters!"

Dr. Hang has committed his career to advancing a paradigm of thinking in orthodontics that rejects traditional retractive techniques in patients of all ages. His Face Focused® treatment techniques are designed to: develop the jaws forward, never backward; work toward proper facial balance; create pleasing facial appearance; protect and/or expand the airway; and produce broad smiles that are complete to the corners of the mouth.

When it comes to orthodontics Dr. Hang does not believe that one treatment can fit every patient. Over the years, experience has taught him that the easier way to treat is not always the best way to treat. But, he always strives to keep treatment times shorter rather than longer.

His goals are: to educate as many patients, parents and professionals about the benefits of the Face Focused® Philosophy as possible; to continue to develop treatments based on Face Focused® principles for patients of all ages; and to teach these methods to other dentists and orthodontists worldwide through seminars, workshops and mini-residencies.