Philip Schwalb, JD


Philip Schwalb has 35 years' experience as an entrepreneur and business pioneer, attorney, legal advocate and professor. He has led startups, non-profits, entertainment businesses & complex legal matters. 

He has been COO managing a diverse holding company for the Caroline Kennedy/Edwin Schlossberg family; grown a technology firm from a half dozen to 40 employees before becoming COO of a larger national firm; and been Securities attorney and business advisor to the finance firm which, for 3 years, exclusively provided private funding for MGM Pictures - assisting with award winning films such as Thelma and Louise and Rainman. 

From 2001 to 2008 Schwalb founded, financed & developed the $100 million World Trade Center area rebuilding project he conceived of after 9/11. Blocks from the Statue of Liberty ferry & New York Stock Exchange Schwalb built the nation's first ever Smithsonian-style museum dedicated to sports in society. He secured collaboration from NY City's Mayor & State Governor; leagues including the NBA, NFL, MLB & NHL; 30 U.S. sports hall of fame; & hundreds of Hall of Fame athletes from dozens of sports. 

Schwalb raised over $100 Million through sale of bonds and private equity); oversaw all design and architecture; & managed government & media relations. 
 Today Schwalb, through his non-profit "Bending the Arc" (named for the iconic and optimistic quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)  fights for the legal rights of the vulnerable pursuing political & social justice through writings, media & the law. 

Mr. Schwalb has a B.A. in Economics from Duke University, and attended Emory University Law School on an academic merit scholarship. 
 He has been adjunct professor or lecturer at Columbia University, NYU, UCF & Rollins College, & offered insight in interviews with ABC, NBC & PBS affiliates, as well as FOX, CNN and NPR nationally. 

He has also been featured in publications including the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine & often the New York Times.  

He resides in Orlando, Florida with his two twin children.