2 Breathe is a 501.3c not for profit organization that strives to

elevate the dental, medical and related healthcare fields

(psychology,  physical therapy, myofunctional therapy, Naturopathic medicine, Ayurveda medicine, Chiropractic, nutrition, and health and wellness practitioners) to more collaborative and optimal treatment of patients who suffer with breathing and sleep disorders and their sequelae.


e also purpose to educate lay people about the signs,

symptoms and treatment options related to breathing and

sleep disorders so that these sufferers can better advocate for themselves.


ur initial endeavor is to make a full-length documentary that

tells the story of one patient’s journey from sufferer of restful

and reparative sleep deprivation to diagnosis, to treatment. Through sharing her story, we expect to make a difference for tens of thousands of people, young and old, who struggle to breathe, suffer the consequences, and until now have been partially or entirely mis-treated.


2 Breathe also supports the work of other organizations dedicated to education, research, and treatment of Airway disorders.


nderstanding that the need is great, O2 Breathe supports Airway health in underserved populations both nationally and internationally.